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May 17, 2020
10 Places To Easily Promote Your Blog

I wish I could say getting traffic to your blog is easy – just write the post, publish it to your website, and the readers will come, right? Wrong! Building a community of readers and getting traffic over to your blog takes work AND time. It actually takes more work than doing the blog writing… let that sink in. Oh, and it doesn’t happen overnight (in most cases). To help you out, I’ve pulled together 10 places to promote your blog that you can do/use easily. I say “easily” because you’ll notice that you’re probably already active on or using most of the things in the list.. let’s get started!

1. Instagram

If you’re a business owner, creative, or entrepreneur you should already have some kind of presence on Instagram. And if you don’t, you should set up an account ASAP. Instagram is growing to be the most popular social platform out there and it provides several places to promote your blog. My favorite place to promote my blog posts is in Instagram Stories and Highlights, where I have a highlight dedicated to blog posts. If you have a certain number of followers you can even add web links to your stories and allow users to “swipe up” to read your content. 

Along with posting a story, you can post the link to your blog in your bio and publish a grid post directing people to check out the link in your bio. So there you have it – with Instagram alone there are 4 areas to promote your blog.

2. Facebook

Although Instagram is crazy popular, Facebook still takes the crown as the most popular/used social platform in the world. This means having a Facebook Page dedicated to your business is essential – just as important as having a website. Facebook also serves as a great place to promote your blog posts because you can have links right in your posts that direct traffic right back to your article.

3. Facebook Groups

Another great offering that I suggest you take advantage of from Facebook are Facebook Groups. These are communities of Facebook users who have like minded interests and provide insider news/tips on a particular topic. For example, serene mktg belongs to several digital marketing, social media marketing, and creative groups as it gives us the opportunity to share our info and take in other info that is relevant to what we do. Once you’ve found the groups that best fit your offering/business, you can post your blogs there knowing the content is already relevant to the users and they’ll more than likely click over to read it – that’s why they’re in the group in the first place 🙂

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a huge source of traffic for serene mktg’s blog and a suggested must-use for all businesses. Think of Pinterest as a visual search engine – all you have to do is create an eye-catching pin, use the right keywords in your description, link the post to your blog post, and wait for the readers to click over. I could go on forever about all that is great with Pinterest, but instead, here’s a blog to help you learn more. 

5. Tailwind Tribes

This one ties in with Pinterest, so if you don’t plan on going the Pinterest route then this won’t apply. Just like Facebook Groups, you can create “Pinterest groups” within the automated pin scheduling app, Tailwind. The app is standalone and isn’t provided by Pinterest, but if you are going to use Pinterest, I highly suggest also signing up for this tool. Within Tailwind, you get access to an automated pin scheduler and Tailwind Tribes, which are essentially Pinterest groups. Find the tribes that best fit your offering, start posting your pins there, and watch as other tribe members re-pin to their Pinterest Boards and audience. It’s super simple and gets your content SO MUCH visibility.

6. Email Newsletter

Having an email newsletter and growing email list to go along with it is so valuable. Email marketing has proven to be more effective with conversions and getting clicks over to websites than social media, so you have to to take advantage of this with your blog. It doesn’t have to be super difficult to implement either – simply add your latest blog post to your upcoming newsletter/email communication or create an email template for announcing new blog posts to your audience then use/send it when you post something new. After putting your blogs in your email communications a few times, you’ll get into a flow and it will become part of the routine.

7. Twitter

Twitter is another great social media option for sharing your blogs because just like Facebook, you can put the link right into your post, making it easy for users to click over. In addition, you can work on building a community of followers who engage with your content by strategically using hashtags for posts about your blog.


Depending on the topic of your content or the offering of your business, LinkedIn could be really great for sharing your blog posts. The audience is made up of professionals in various industries, so if you can define your niche and find the community of that industry on LinkedIn, then you’ll be all set. Bonus – you can add links to your posts! 

9. Email Signature

Chances are you’re sending several emails a day to your clients, potential clients, peers, and more. If that is the case, why not add a link to your latest blog to your email signature? You may not be hitting the masses with this one as you are with Instagram or Pinterest, but you are hitting a targeted audience – if you’re emailing with them, they are more than likely interested in what you do and provide.

10. automatic RSS Aggregators

RSS aggregrators pull your latest articles and share them with their users that are interested in that topic… this all happens automatically of course. Feedly and Bloglovin are both really easy to use and just for becoming a member you get to promote your blogs for free. You can also get inspiration from other bloggers on similar topics to what you’re sharing.

These are serene mktg’s favorite 10 places to promote blogs easily and for FREE. Like I said above, promoting and getting traffic over to your blog is more work than actually writing the blog. Once you publish your post, the fun has just begun. I’d love to learn a little something from you though – what are your favorite places to promote your blog posts? Tell me about them in the comment section below!

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