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September 15, 2021
10 Skills to Possess When Pursuing a Career in Marketing

A career in marketing is dynamic, creative, and ever-changing…that’s why I love it. However, there are a few skills that are always going to serve a marketer well. We compiled a list of the 10 skills that will come in handy most often for a person aspiring to pursue a career in marketing. 


Customer Knowledge and Empathy

Being able to not only target the correct group of people but also put yourself in their shoes and connect with them is an indispensable skill when it comes to marketing. It doesn’t matter if you create the best marketing messages in the world, they are useless if you don’t present them to the correct group of people. 



Marketing is synonymous with storytelling. You are never selling an item, you are selling an experience, a feeling. For example, if I was trying to sell pots and pans, I would tell my audience that they aren’t buying a pan, they are buying the ability to travel the world and experience the food of different cultures without ever leaving their home. They are buying a ticket to travel the world from the comfort of their kitchen. That sounds a lot better than “buy this $200 pan,” right? 



Your audience will tell you what they want. You just have to be willing to listen. It is essential that marketers are not blinded by their vision, but rather open to the hopes, wants, and needs of their customers. 



While you will have days where you’re racing to meet a deadline, organizing spreadsheets, or sending out invoices, marketing at its core is creative. Creating content that inspires your audience to take action is what it’s all about at the end of the day. 


Social Media Management

This. Is. Huge. Sometimes you will feel like all you’re doing is bouncing between platforms creating posts and stories. However, ensuring that your clients have a strong and consistent social media presence and not falling behind is imperative to being a good marketer. 




A comprehensive marketing plan has a lot of moving parts and no one expects you to manage them all by yourself. The key to being an effective and efficient marketer is being able to communicate with your team and delegate tasks to them. 


Problem-solving and Adaptability

As we know with social media and viral marketing, plans don’t always work out. In this digital age, it is so important to be able to think on your feet and adapt when things don’t go according to plan. This means that you must be able to spot and rectify a problem before it becomes a full-blown crisis. 


Confidence in Decision Making

Digital marketing moves fast and if you are plagued with indecision then you could potentially miss your chance to make your move. Make your decision and move forward with confidence. This isn’t to say that you can’t make tweaks to your campaign later on, but trust in your ability. You are more knowledgeable than you think!


The Ability to Wing it

Sometimes you are going to have to market things that feel, well, unmarketable. But it is very attractive to clients when you can create a plan to market anything! Think outside of the box, there’s a niche market for everything. Also, with social media, conversions between brands and consumers are much more casual. You’re not going to be able to predict every comment and have a planned response. Roll with the punches. 


Relationship Building  

Good marketers know that the most valuable asset they can possess are repeat customers. Once you identify with an audience, do everything in your power to steward that relationship. It is an investment, but one that is well worth it. Word-of-mouth marketing spreads like a wildfire and you want to make sure that people have nothing but good things to say about your brand. 


While these aren’t the only skills needed to be successful at a career in marketing, they are definitely a good start. Be sure to develop your weaknesses as well as your strengths and soon enough you will be a marketing aficionado. 


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