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February 16, 2021
21 Ways To Spark Your Creativity

Are you a creative person? And no–I don’t mean can you draw or paint a pretty picture. Creativity has a million different faces. Can you innovate? Can you brainstorm effective solutions to various problems that arise in your life? The truth is, creativity is essential to success. Allowing your creative side to shine can lead to breakthroughs and more engaging marketing strategies. You can’t force creativity, but you can inspire it to break out of its shell. If you’re stuck, here are 21 ways to spark the creator that is already within you.

Brain Dump

Take every thought in your mind and write it on a piece of paper. You might be surprised what slips out.

Tie your left shoe, take a sip of water, and then resume the task at hand

All too often we become so laser focused on a task that we tend to overthink it. Stop thinking and let the ideas flow!

Keep a toy on your desk

If you keep your hands busy by fidgeting it allows your brain to wander. You never know what you could find on your daydream adventure.

Listen to happy music

Studies show that listening to happy music promotes the increase of divergent thinking. This type of thinking is essential to creativity.

Ask a child their opinion

As you age, you are influenced and held back by a box built of preconceived notions, roles, and labels. Children offer a unique perspective because they are not yet bound by the same mind barriers.

Do your research

I’ve been told that original ideas don’t exist anymore, so why not let someone else do the heavy lifting for you? Research solutions to the problem you are facing.

Let your pain inspire you

Is there something that totally annoys you on a daily basis? Don’t you think you could find a solution if you sat down and thought about it for a few minutes…?

Bounce ideas off of someone

They say two brains are better than one and ain’t that the truth.

Ask questions

Seriously. For an entire day ask “why” to every single answer you come up with. This helps get to the root of the issue.

Find a creative space

This could be nature, a museum, a cool spot in your town. Let the change of scenery inspire you.

Doodle for 5 minutes

It is important to wake up and engage the creative side of your brain–the right side of your brain. Get it going!

Clear the clutter

Clear the space around your work area. It is hard to have a clean and open mind when your workspace is a mess!

Have some fun

Be silly! Do a somersault, play with shaving cream, prank your partner or your child. Creativity requires some fun, it can’t be all work no play.

Take a nap

Turn your brain off for 20 minutes. This allows your subconscious to come up with solutions for you. Be ready to write down your ideas though. Dream and post-sleep epiphanies tend to only last for a moment.

Take a shower

Maybe you’re trying too hard. Our best ideas come to us when we aren’t trying too hard. Take a shower as a way to reset your mind.


Take 5 minutes to write about anything. This serves two purposes: you can either clear your mind of stressors you are holding onto or you can engage your creative side by writing a fictional short story.

Change your routine

Changing your routine is a great way to spice up your day and break up the monotony. Creativity hates monotony.

Try something new

Pick up a new hobby that you have been dying to try! You might learn something about yourself!

Do something you love

We all have that one thing that we keep saying we are going to circle back to one day that we never do…well today is the day!

Set down the device

I think we can all agree that we spend way too much time on our devices. They are so stimulating and tell us what we are thinking almost before we know what we are thinking. Set down the device and think for yourself. You are creative. You are not a robot.

Prioritize your mental health

It is hard to be creative when your brain is fried. It is important to keep your headspace clean, so that you have room to let the creative juices flow.

With these 21 tips we are confident that you will find a way to unleash your creativity. We are so excited to see what you create.

Post a picture of your best creations and tag us @serenemktg on Instagram! We might just feature you. 

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