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September 24, 2020
5 Reasons To Use Trello For Project Management

As many of us have moved to a remote model of work it has definitely been an adjustment learning to navigate this new normal. Rather than being able to walk down the hall to speak to a colleague, everything has to be in an email. If your inbox looks anything like ours you know how quickly emails can get pushed to the bottom and missed. It is especially hard to work collaboratively when working in a remote model — that’s where Trello comes in. It is the saving grace for all your project management needs. Here are 5 reasons why you should use Trello for project management. 

It’s Easy to Use

There’s nothing worse than a service or application that claims to “simplify” your life, but in reality makes it much more chaotic. Trello is far from that kind of service. We love that the learning curve is basically non-existent. The entire system is fairly intuitive. It is very easy to go onto your board and create cards (categories or groups) and specific tasks (to-do list items) within various cards. Once all of your tasks are made you can simply drag them between task columns. For example, if you are working on a project for your boss you might have three columns: your “assigned tasks/to do list,” your “in progress”, and a “review”. Now, what used to be a messy thread of emails can be reduced to a few drags of your mouse. You can drag the task from your to-do list to your “in progress” column to let your boss know that you are working on the assignment. Then, when you finish, you can simply drag the card to the “Review” column to let her know that you have completed the assignment. It’s really that easy. 

It’s Free

Free is always better, especially when you are a small company and want to cut back on expenses! Trello is a free service that allows you to pay to upgrade if you choose. However, the free version is far from subpar. You have the capability to add an unlimited number of personal boards, cards, and lists, as well as 10 team boards and up to 10 MB per file of attachments. Want more? For $9.99 a month you can add even more team boards, more storage space, and more robust security systems. In our opinion, the free version is a steal. 

It is Great For Remote Teams

Trello is a life saver when it comes to working on collaborative projects. By creating team boards, you and your team can link your work seamlessly in order to work together efficiently. Trello is the perfect home base for all your team communication. You can create different cards with each persons’ tasks. You also have the ability to link images, documents, and email correspondences within the specific tasks. This is helpful to build transparency and accountability between team members. 

It Makes Big Projects More Manageable 

How many times have you said “wow, I have so much to do today but I have no idea where to start.” Trello is a great place to start. By breaking down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks it makes them easier to tackle. When running a business, productivity and efficiency are the name of the game, so let Trello take one thing off your plate. Let Trello get you organized so you can focus on creating the good stuff. 

It’s Familiar and Easy on the Eyes

Trello has many different backgrounds so that you can customize your board. It can be as cluttered or as empty as you choose. This is a great feature for someone who values visual appeal. Sometimes a cluttered project board is more stress-inducing than it is helpful. Also, the Kanban system (movement of cards around the board) is a familiar way of doing business for most people. It mimics the way that many teams move sticky notes around a white board. You know what they say: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it (but maybe digitize it). 

Trello really is the all-in-one fix to your project management troubles. It is a powerful tool for teams large and small. Try Trello out on your next project. See if it puts your mind at ease! 

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