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December 9, 2020
5 Reasons WordPress Is Best For Websites

Creating a website is one of the most daunting tasks for a new business owner. In today’s digital age it is essential that your company has an online presence. However, there is an immense amount of pressure for your website to have the maximum amount of visual appeal as well as the maximum amount of functionality. For someone who has never built a website before, this could stop you dead in your tracks – bringing your progress to a grinding halt and holding you back from making connections, sales, and reaching your potential as a new business. We recognized this problem within the industry and that’s why we decided to give away one of our biggest website building secrets: WordPress.

Here are 5 reasons why WordPress is THE best option when it comes to building your website.

It’s Free and Scalable

This is one of the most important features of WordPress. They won’t nickel and dime you once you reach a certain level of traffic. Rather, you simply pay for the domain and hosting and WordPress is directly installed into the domain. WordPress hosting packages start at a few dollars a month and as you scale you can get higher quality packages for a few dollars more. You can also choose to use an entirely different hosting site. For example, you could use a site like SiteGround or BlueHost.

It’s Intuitive

WordPress is highly intuitive meaning that you likely won’t require a master course to learn your way around. We challenge you to log on and start playing around with the features. As you discover more and more features you will learn what you want (and don’t want) to incorporate into your site. Also, if you do end up struggling to navigate the site, fear not! Since WordPress is so widely used, there are a plethora of online tutorials and support pages waiting to offer you assistance.

You Never Have to Touch Any Code

Who said you need to be a computer scientist to create a glamorous and functional website? WordPress is a “content management system” meaning that it is a software that gives you the ability to create and modify from a visual perspective (i.e. no coding required)! With options like Elementor you can build an entire website using a “drag and drop” technique…a lot easier than 0’s and 1’s if you ask us.

It Integrates With Everything (Or Provides a Plug-In)

WordPress allows for the opportunity for your site to seamlessly integrate and incorporate a slew of functionalities. Integrate your site with Shopify or Squarespace to turn your website into an ecommerce hotspot, or use the Google Analytics plug-in to get unique insights into your customers’ behavior. To make things simple, basically any capability that you desire is possible through integration or the addition of plug-ins. You truly can create the website of your dreams!

It Encourages Collaboration

Don’t tackle this on your own! Delegate! WordPress allows the administrator to invite other users. Based on the role assigned to the user it determines the level of access that they have to making edits on the site. These roles range from administrator (where nothing is off limits), to an author (can create their own posts but cannot create/modify/delete pages), to a viewer (can only view the private site that they were invited to). Also, with plug-ins you have the ability to create even more roles such as customer or shop manager. This tool is helpful so that you aren’t forced to give away your login in order to stimulate collaboration.

Although we could drone on and on for days, these are the top 5 reasons that your company should use WordPress for website creation. If you still aren’t convinced, don’t listen to us. Listen to companies like Microsoft, Disney, and The New Yorker. If it’s good enough for big wigs like them, it’s good enough for us!

Looking for more guidance and even more tips? Visit our website and be sure to contact us so that we can help you build the website of your dreams! 

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