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Behind The Brand.

Behind the Brand

Serene Marketing.

Serene Mktg is a female owned + operated digital marketing firm based in Denver, CO. With clients all over the United States, the company was founded to fill a specific gap: help creatives + small businesses with their digital marketing strategy because, let’s face it, they are busy enough trying to run their business. We live by the belief that just because you may be small or a one person show, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice or skimp on your digital presence.

Serene Mktg is here to free up your time + energy by taking on your social media, blogging, email marketing, and more with a tailored, collaborative approach and strategy for growth + brand recognition.


Meet Amelia.

Born + raised in Michigan, Amelia graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Marketing. She started her career at a custom apparel company in business development, focused on building lasting relationships that converted into sales. Shortly after, she made her way to Cleveland, OH where her marketing career really began at the largest construction contractor in the country. Here, she implemented a successful social media, blogging, and email strategy from the ground up. With this same company + added responsibilities, she ended up in Denver, CO where she now lives.


Our Team.

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From Our Clients.



From Our Clients.


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