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April 16, 2022
Are you Listening to Your Customers? Here’s Why You should.

Customers have increasingly high expectations for the companies that they choose to associate with. In fact, a study produced by Qualtrics and ServiceNow proved that over 80% of customers said they have switched brands due to a bad customer service experience. How crazy is that? One bad interaction can derail all of your hard work to recruit and maintain loyal customers. The good news is that bad experiences can be easily avoided – all it takes is a little bit of training!

Why should you listen to customers? You are the industry expert after all…

A great product or service is nothing without a company also being able to provide equally great customer support. Customers want to feel like the brands they associate with are really listening to their needs. While this takes patience on the operating side of things, it can lead to short and long term benefits. In the short term, you will be able to tweak your goods and services to provide exactly what the customers demand. In the long term, you might even be able to charge a premium – consumers are much more likely to pay a premium when they know and trust the brand they are buying from. Customer retention isn’t easy, but the payoff sure is worth it. 

How can I improve communication with my customers? 

Listening to your customers isn’t a passive activity. To really make a difference in your communication channels it is important that you are patient, observant, and engaged. 

Regardless of how frazzled, confused, or impassioned your customer is, make sure you remain patient and calm. Focus on getting to the root of the problem rather than fighting to be right. 

Body language is imperative. Even if you are not speaking to a customer face-to-face, maintain positive body language. This will help you remain excited, energetic, and engaged. Trust me, customers can tell when it seems that you’d rather be anywhere else. 

Let the customer speak and be sure to ask clarifying questions. This is a great way to ensure you are efficient with your time. There is no point in solving the wrong issue due to a miscommunication. Here’s an example: 

Customer: “You are not posting enough on my socials and I know my followers want more content from me.” 

You: “OK – what I am hearing you say is that you would like us to post more on your social media accounts, so that your followers have more opportunities to engage with new content from you. Is that correct?” 

Making sure you are on the same page as the customer eliminates avoidable frustration and irritation. Also, if you find yourself in a situation like the example outlined above; capitalize on your opportunity! Your customer just set you up to upsell them. It is much more beneficial to tell them about your “premium content creation package” rather than arguing about who knows what is best for their business. 

Altering the way you speak and listen to your customers can be transformative for your business. Minor tweaks such as optimizing your communication can reap big rewards in any industry.  

Want to learn more? Check out our blog on the importance of listening to your customers and keep checking the blog for more tips like these!

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