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January 18, 2021
Client Spotlight: Mama Llama

Maybe we are biased, but we think Serene Mktg clients are THE best clients. We decided that it’s time for all of you to see just how awesome they are. Throughout 2021 we will highlight various clients on the blog. To start us off, we want to introduce you to Mama Llama! 

Mama Llama just launched their innovative Chase Pillow. This pillow is essential for all parents. Whether you are at the beginning of your pregnancy or the end, you need this pillow. Here are some of the mom (and dad) approved features: 

Helps alleviate back and neck pain while you are feeding your little one

Pregnancy and baby feeding posture is real. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding this pillow helps take the pressure off of your neck and back. This is imperative for moms (and dads)! Any new mom will tell you to invest in a comfortable chair to feed your baby as you will be spending A LOT of time here. The thing about a comfortable chair is that it doesn’t account for the contortions your body will have to acquiesce to in order to get into that “perfect position.” The Chase Pillow helps support your body as well as your baby’s to ensure that you are able to reach that perfect and pain-free feeding position every single time. 

It is the perfect pregnancy pal

While we all love our precious baby bumps let’s be clear: they don’t make sleep easy. Lucky for you we designed the Chase Pillow to be the perfect prenatal and postnatal pal. This product is a bedtime must for moms. Let the pillow support you in all the right places so you can get the sleep you deserve.

It is made from the highest quality materials

We are proud to say the Chase Pillow is made entirely of sustainable and organic materials – all of which are certified by the highest standards in the industry. In our opinion, you and your baby deserve the best (aka this pillow). 

We are so excited for you to get your hands on this swiss army knife of a pillow! It is low-profile, comfortable, and life-changing. It truly is the perfect gift for new mom and dads or a great way to treat yourself. 

As you can see we LOVE our clients. They truly are the best. Click here if you want to work with Serene Mktg! Don’t forget to follow Mama Llama to stay in the know and receive exclusive offers! 

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