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August 11, 2021
Digital Marketing for Beginners

Digital marketing is just traditional marketing, but with a twist! You are still selling and promoting products and services, however you are incorporating digital technologies such as social media, email, and other online tactics. At its core, digital marketing is just marketing. The goal of marketing is to meet the right customers, with the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. In today’s digital world, more and more of those potential clients are moving to digital channels. Digital marketing offers you a unique opportunity to meet your clients where they are most comfortable. We are going to break down the basics of digital marketing, in an attempt to demystify this powerful marketing tool. 

Why should I market online?


Did you know that most purchasing decisions begin online? Think about the last time you hired someone to fix a busted pipe. You probably began your search by looking at websites, reading reviews, and checking out the competition. By doing so, you were able to make an informed decision. Did it occur to you that all of the information that you compiled online is the result of intentional online marketing? Meeting your customers where they are and connecting with them in a variety of ways is absolutely essential to a strong marketing plan. Thus, online presence is imperative.


How can I have an online presence? 


Blogs: Blogs are a great way to deliver relevant and informative information to your clients. You can choose to monetize your blog or you can simply use it as a free service that will benefit clients and potential clients alike. 

Email Marketing: Email marketing is very targeted and niche. I think it is safe to say that most people HATE spam emails, so if they subscribed to receive yours, they are probably there for a reason. 

SEO: SEO is all about making sure that when someone searches something related to your industry or area of expertise that YOUR company appears at the top of their search. There are many ways to increase your SEO.

Social Media: Social media accounts allow you to humanize your brand by relating to your clients organically. Socials are great for building a brand image and increasing the awareness of your brand. Another advantage is that advertising on social media usually looks native in the feed — meaning that people struggle to differentiate between regular content and ads. This helps your brand look less spammy.

Advertising: This medium is the most similar to traditional marketing. Through services like Facebook Ad Manager, you can turn any print ad into a digital ad. 

Are there unique benefits to digital marketing? 


We could go on and on, but in short, yes. Having a strong digital presence creates more awareness and engagement before and after the point of purchase. This turns clients into fans who will tend to buy more and more frequently. It also offers the opportunity for increased word-of-mouth sharing which is the most reliable and rapid form of marketing. People who hear about a brand from a friend are much more likely to convert into buyers. The stats don’t lie. Digital marketing is revolutionizing the way that people are interacting with and discovering their favorite brands. 

The world of digital marketing is new, exciting, and full of potential. We challenge you to give your brand an online presence. We promise you won’t regret it. How are YOU going to make your mark? 


Overwhelmed? Confused? In need of a guide? We are here to help! Shoot us a message and we will help you get on track.

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