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September 14, 2020
Everything You Need To Know To Create A Better Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio. This is arguably the most important feature of your page AND one of the hardest aspects to perfect. Just as you would work hard to leave a positive lasting impression on clients in person, you should work to do the same on social media. It is important that you stand out and hook the people visiting your page immediately. Researchers have stated that it takes people less than a second to formulate an opinion of your page. Crafting a better bio sets you apart from the competition from the get-go. And as we’ve said before, marketing is all about creating a consistent and strong brand image from the start. It allows followers of your brand to relate and align themselves with your company. Keep reading to find out our easy tips to distinguish your page and find social media marketing success.

Profile Picture

This is the first thing that people will see when they visit your page (even before they click your @). Make sure that the image you select is clear and easy to see. We suggest using a high-resolution headshot or company logo. Stay away from super zoomed-out images. These tend to be difficult to see and can cause confusion in people clicking your profile. When someone visits your page, they want to see who is behind it — whether that’s a singular person (headshot) or a group of people (company logo).

Focus In

Real estate is hard to come by in your instagram bio which means that you need to use your space effectively. Think of your bio as your mission statement. Let people visiting your page know exactly what you’re about. If you have a specialty, let people know! This in turn ensures that you gain high-quality followers. Followers that truly want to engage with your content (as opposed to ghost followers that never convert to buyers).

Choose Your Words Carefully

You should be constantly looking for new ways to amplify your brand. If your handle is your name, don’t use your name in your bio. Again, space is hard to come by, you want to make sure that you are using the space that you have in a meaningful way. In the name field share your profession or something cool about yourself or your company. Try to personify your brand. For example, if you are @MichelleObama instead of putting your name in the name field you might put something like “First-Lady-in-Chief.” Being creative and taking chances will set you apart and draw interest and buzz around your page.

Increase Your Clickability

Did you know that everything with an “@“ in your bio is clickable? This is an awesome feature that isn’t utilized enough. If you have a separate personal page, specific product page, podcast page, etc make sure you include those in your bio. This serves as a call-to-action and directs traffic from one of your pages to another. The more traffic you can create between your different pages or social platforms the better! This, of course, increases your odds of turning a follower into a loyal buyer. Hashtags and tagging your location can also help people find you. This is especially important if you are a restaurant or storefront positioned in a certain location. Make it as easy as possible for followers in your area to not only find you but interact with you on various social platforms.

Set Up Highlights

We’ve said this before and we will say it again: highlights are so, so, so important. Highlights are a great way to educate your followers as well as create niche communities within your followers. Highlights allow you to keep past stories on your page so that new followers can see what they might have missed. You can demonstrate how to use a particular product, events you have had, and different ways to engage with your brand. Moral of the story: Set. Up. Highlights.

With those tips, we hope that you feel well equipped to create an Instagram bio that will change the way people interact with your brand. Create, edit, and edit again! Effective bios are an art not a science. Take chances and try new things. You won’t know if it works until you try it!

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