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January 26, 2020
How To Conquer Pinterest Using Tailwind

A few months ago I was on the hunt to find a tool that would assist in the effective and consistent use of Pinterest for my clients. My ideal tool would provide scheduled posting capabilities, insights/analytics, and make re-sharing content easier. I stumbled upon Tailwind and have not looked back since – it checks off all my “needs” and then some. Not only has the tool made using and posting on Pinterest more efficient, it has also helped in growing the engagement and audiences of my clients’ content at the same time. Believe me, this is not your ordinary posting tool… keep reading for more on how Tailwind will help you conquer Pinterest. 

ease of scheduling

When you sign up for Tailwind, you’re given the option to download/install the Tailwind Publisher extension to your browser, which is Chrome, Firefox, and Safari friendly. More on how to install it here. This extension makes it UNBELIEVABLY easy to schedule and post content from all across the web – Instagram, websites, blogs, and more. With Tailwind Publisher installed to your browser, all you have to do when you want to schedule a post is roll over the image and click on the “schedule” button that pops up in the bottom left of the image. That will then open up a Tailwind scheduler page where you can choose which board to post to, add a title and a keyword friendly description. The web link from the page the image was on carries over to the post. After filling all of the information in, you can then add it to the queue where Tailwind schedules the post for the next optimal posting time. 

how to use tailwind
tailwind guide


optimal posting time

As mentioned above, when you add a post to your Tailwind queue, the tool schedules the post for the most optimal time. They call this function “Tailwind Smart Queue“. What does this mean for you? This means less research and planning on your part because the Tailwind Smart Queue uses an algorithm to help you pin at the best times for your audience. In addition, over time the Smart Queue automatically optimizes to maximize your reach. You also have the option to manually choose dates and times if you want to go that route. To the right, you can see an example of what the posting schedule looks like once populated. 

tailwind tribes

My favorite feature of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes, which enables you to grow your presence faster by utilizing other Pinterest users and their audience. A “tribe” is a group of like-minded individuals or people in the same industry who upload their upcoming posts. The users within the group then re-pin/re-share your posts to their Pinterest profiles. The groups are give and take – if you make one post into the tribe for others to share, you are expected to share one user’s post to your page to spread their content to your followers. 

Tailwind Tribes serves two great purposes:
1 – An easy way to fill in your content gaps. Say you want to post 20 times on your Pinterest in a given week, but you only have 15 original content pins from your social media, website, etc. To meet the 20, you can fill in the extra five pins with pins from your tribe and like-minded individuals. You’re helping others by sharing their awesome content to your followers, while also making sure you hit your posting goal.
2 – Enables you to get in front of other audiences. Because fellow “tribers” are expected to also share content to their feed, you’ll have the opportunity for your content to get in front of a broader audience which you may not otherwise get in front of. For example, in the last month one of my clients has had 25 of their pins submitted to tribes re-posted by other “tribers” which has resulted in reaching 82,000 additional Pinterest users. Talk about powerful! 

Tailwind does set a limit on the number of tribes you’re allowed to join – five tribes max. It may not sound like a lot, but if you join the right ones, five will be more than enough. You also have the option to create your own tribe and build your own community if you’re feeling extra passionate. 

Below is a snapshot of a travel tribe one of my clients is active in. You can see these actually contain quality content and have real posting standards. 

tailwind guide

easily evergreen content

The reason to sign up for a posting platform is to avoid manual work and save time. Tailwind covers all of these bases with just the items I’ve listed above, but they’ve also taken it a step further with helping to evergreen content and re-share your most engaging pins. Insert Tailwind SmartLoop. With this functionality, you can create smartloops based on topic, season, or particular boards and put your best pins within those categories into the loop. You can then set how often you want this content to “loop” and Tailwind will take care of re-sharing it for you at the time you set. This sends your best content back to your audience at an ideal time. Evergreen content made super simple!

Tailwind also has capabilities for Instagram, but I haven’t dove into that yet. For all these reasons and more, I highly suggest using Tailwind to help conquer your Pinterest strategy. It’s a powerful tool that provides results quickly if used properly. 

Interested in adding Tailwind to your Pinterest and overall social media strategy? Let us know! Serene Mktg would be happy to help you through the process 🙂 

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