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April 6, 2021
How To Hack Facebook’s Algorithm

Did you know that every social media platform has a VERY specific and unique formula that it uses to determine what it will show you in your feed? It is because of this that your friends might see drastically different stories on their timeline or even different headlines for the same story. Facebook does this because they want to show you content that you will enjoy. In essence, they want to keep you scrolling for as long as possible. The longer your eyes are on the screen the more ad space they can sell to businesses. This can make things challenging as a marketer trying to run native ad campaigns rather than paid for ad space. However, if we can learn the way that the algorithm functions then we can use tactics to get around the brick walls. Here are our best tips for beating Facebook’s 2021 algorithm.

Focus on Likes, Shares, Comments, and Saves

This is by far the most important aspect of “beating the algorithm.” It is imperative that you create content that drives people to engage. When you are crafting a post it can be helpful to ask yourself “if someone didn’t see the caption, would my post drive them to act?” Focus on a specific goal each time you post. One post can have the goal of getting a lot of shares and another post might focus on creating an influx of comments. Having specific and measurable goals for each post will allow you to track your success and determine if the actions you are taking are effective. If you find that your posts are ineffective, then you can tweak them and try again.

Ditch Scammy Language

Using language that could appear scammy, such as “FREE” and “MUST ACT NOW” may cause the computer to flag your post. If this occurs your post will be put under review and delayed or (even worse) it will only show your post to a few users. When driving for engagement and stats that will help boost your reach, this can be very detrimental to your success.

Less is More

Of course there are accounts with millions of follows that can do literally anything they want and they will still find success. However, when you are a small business trying to reach more eyes it is important that you do everything in your control to beat the algorithm. Research shows that people look at a post for approximately 1.6 to 2 seconds. That is NOTHING. The truth is, you have only a moment to make an impression. This means that you need to capture your viewer’s attention with images and visuals. Images tend to make a much larger impression in much less time. Unless you are a very niche page that requires longer, technical captions, keep captions short and to the point.

Emojis Are Your Friend

Similar to the point above, people make judgements about your post very quickly. In a fleeting moment they will decide if they want to scroll or read on. Emojis convey a lot of emotions and feelings in one quick image. They reduce the need for more words. Use them. They are not silly. They are not unprofessional. They are your friend.

Hashtags: The Most Underutilized Tool

Hashtags can be VERY helpful for smaller pages attempting to be noticed. Using hashtags with millions of posts is not beneficial to you — you will simply be buried in posts. Instead, many small businesses find success by researching hashtags that fit their culture and values. We suggest finding tags with 750 – 150,000 posts (depending on your size and follower count). When a hashtag has less posts you will reach a niche audience and actually get noticed. This will help you find followers that will be more likely to convert to buyers.

The algorithm of each platform is ever-changing but we promise to always keep you in the loop. Use these tips and let us know if you notice your reach growing!

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