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December 17, 2020
How To Make The Most Of Instagram Guides

Friends never let friends feel left out, so that’s why we strive to keep you up-to-date on all things digital marketing. The latest social media feature we want to bring your attention to is Instagram Guides. Guides are a great way to offer informative tips that are enhanced by images and commentary. Initially, Instagram rolled out guides as a tool for a select group of important figures to compile helpful mental health and physical well-being tips during the pandemic. After finding so much success during the testing phase, Instagram decided to make the feature accessible to all users! Guides appear on one’s profile under a tab portrayed as a booklet or on the explore page. Creators also have the ability to post the guide to their story or send them through direct messages.

How Do I Use Guides?

Creating a guide is easy! Simply go to your profile page, click the “+” icon in the top right corner, then a create tab will appear. At the bottom of the tab click “Guide.” A new tab will then pop-up that asks you to choose your guide type. From here, you can decide between three types of guides. You can create a places guide, a products guide, or a posts guide.

Places Guide

A places guide allows you to highlight various locations and the posted pictures associated with them. When you choose to create this type of guide you have the option to include posts of others who have visited the same locations as you, locations you have saved, or locations associated with your specific posts. This type of guide could be beneficial for someone like a photographer. The photographer has the ability to create a guide of their favorite locations they have shot at or even their favorite shoots at a specific location. By creating this type of guide the user is able to curate a more thoughtful and informative post for the audience.

Products Guide

A products guide encourages creators to share their favorite products. When you choose this type of guide you will be prompted to click a company from the list of sellers that you follow. You will then be taken to a scroll list of all the products that that company offers. Next, you choose the post you would like to highlight (that features the specific product you chose) and then you can offer commentary on why that product is included. Think of it like a caption to an image. After you complete this you can choose a new product to include below the previous product. This type of guide is most useful for a product based company. As an example, you could create a guide that includes gift ideas for mom, dad, or significant others. You could also create a guide of your best selling products and how to use them. The options are endless.

Posts Guide

A posts guide allows creators to create a list of posts either from their profile or their saved posts (from other peoples’ profiles). This type of guide requires that you choose the posts you want to include, add a quick commentary, and then publish! If users want more info they can click the post within the guide to be taken to the original post. This type of guide is best for people wanting to highlight specific posts and group them together. For example, you could create a guide to your most helpful blog posts, your posts pertaining to self-care, or your posts encouraging your audience to believe in themselves! This is a cool feature because it allows you to create a tailored experience for various groups visiting your feed. Rather than presenting your feed as a one-size-fits-all, guides encourage you to group specific posts that will appeal to different kinds of people. Don’t expect people to sift through your page until they find something that sparks their interest. Do the heavy lifting for them! The key to marketing is targeting the masses while making it feel like you are speaking to a single person.

Guides truly create niche communities within broad social media pages. Plus they are so exciting and fun to play around with — we encourage you to try them out! We know that our creativity wheels are turning! We cannot wait to create guides for our clients to enhance their followers’ experience.

Let us know how you are utilizing the newest Instagram feature. Shoot us a DM @serenemktg on Instagram! 

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