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January 27, 2021
Is Text Message Marketing Effective?

You’ve heard of social media marketing…you’ve heard of email marketing…but have you heard of text message marketing? Digital marketing technology is evolving at a rapid pace. With the rise of services like AI, it can be easy to forget about the basics. The thing about SMS marketing is that you can almost guarantee that someone will look down at their phone if it pings. It is tough to say the same statement about emails. Having the power to text someone can transform your contact and communication with your potential buyers–it is imperative that you do not abuse that power. Here are some reasons why even high stakes campaigns can benefit from SMS marketing. 

It is still the most used messaging platform

Did you know that 97% of people send at least one text a day? It’s true! Even older generations like Boomers use text messaging, so it’s safe to say that texting can connect you with almost any of your target audiences. 

Texts don’t have a spam filter

This means that you can be almost certain that your message will make it to your target. Many emails are lost in inboxes due to spam and junk folders. Studies demonstrate that 98% of people will open a text while only 20% will open an email…we like those text message odds. 

It’s convenient and mutually beneficial 

Most people say that if they are receiving a virtual coupon, they would prefer to receive it through a text. That way when they are in store the coupon is easy to find and eliminates the need to sift through their jam packed email. 

Have we sold you on text message marketing? Yes? So now the question becomes “How do I send an effective text to my prospective clients?” Let us tell you how to craft a successful, yet simple text. 

Draw attention to a specific offer, not the good value your brand offers as a whole

Texts are meant to be short and sweet. This means that you should use your characters to highlight an uber specific offer or deal. Save promoting the overall superior value you offer for your social media or email marketing campaign. 

Use text to be in direct communication with your customers 

The cool thing about text is that it allows for real-time, instant communication. If your customer has an issue, you can have a customer service representative text the person to resolve the issue in a timely manner. Happy customers = more sales. 

Use text cautiously

Texts are quick and easy, so make sure you thoroughly plan out your goals and how you will reach them. Your texting program should send targeted and helpful messages. It is counterintuitive to send texts 24/7. All this will do is annoy the receiver. 

The last thing to note is that texts are so intimate that sometimes people get freaked out when they receive a text from someone they do not know. It is important that you stay away from language that resembles a phishing scheme or other scammy language. 

Text message marketing is basic but like all good 90s trends, it’s coming back stronger than ever. With this knowledge you can reach loads of people quicker and more effectively. As always we want to hear your opinion! Do you think text message marketing is effective? Have you ever tried it! Let us know in the comments!

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