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March 8, 2021
New Platform Alert: Clubhouse

There are rumors swirling that Clubhouse — the newest media platform — is the future of social media. Is this really true or is it simply another thing to do during COVID-19? We don’t know…yet. So, before Clubhouse can take the world by storm, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown.

What is it?

It is an exclusive, invite-only platform that is based solely on audio. That’s right. No cameras, no captions. When it was first unveiled it was mostly just venture capitalists and Silicon Valley tech workers. The app only has about 600,000 users (compared to Facebook’s 2.8 billion). The creators released a statement that said they wanted to focus on “slow” growth rather than overnight, exponential growth. Fear not, the program will be available to all in the future (if all goes according to plan). The more users, the more of a need for moderation and heavier logistics planning.

How does it work?

The app basically consists of tons of chat rooms. People are divided into two groups: the speakers and the listeners. When you open the app you have the choice of joining a room or creating your own. The person who created the room acts as a moderator and facilitates a conversation. They have the power to invite people to speak or kick out unruly guests. The conversations are recorded, but deleted after a short period of time. The recordings are used only if a conversation needs to be reviewed for potentially breaking guidelines. Right now, each chat room can support 5,000 people, but the creators plan to lift this limitation. With the emphasis on audio, these chats are meant to be candid, spontaneous, and exciting. Although chats cannot be recorded or transcribed by listeners, speakers should plan on conversations being leaked (as this has already occurred).

What do they talk about?

Really anything…Conversations can be exciting or unbearably dull. Elon Musk has been caught speaking about bitcoin and his relentless work ethic. Others have hosted rooms focusing on topics ranging from being an Instagram influencer to life skills and leadership abilities. The appeal of Clubhouse is that you will never know what you might hear!

Who is on it?

Early investors and techy people frequent the app. There are also big names like Drake, Kanye, and Vanilla Ice. As well as entrepreneurial people like Mark Cuban. Clubhouse has received backlash for having a “bro-y” energy; although there are plenty of women on the app (hi, Tiffany Haddish)!

When can I log on?

Iphone users can download the app and reserve a username now, however they cannot participate until they are invited or the restrictions are lifted. If you’re desperate, you can even buy an invitation from Ebay. We’ve seen invitations ranging from $30 to $20,000 (WOW)! Don’t worry though, the creators have assured the public that everyone will be allowed on the platform in time. There are also a slew of other tech companies racing to create more inclusive competitors.

Anything else I should know?

The open forum style of the app has made it a hit in countries with more repressive governments. China blocked the app (which is still in beta-testing) this month. It is this same open forum style though that is attracting investors and users from all over the world.

We cannot wait to see how Clubhouse grows. Our heads are spinning with applications for this media in terms of marketing strategy. Until then, follow us on the gram to stay up-to-date on the latest in the digital marketing industry.

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