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November 13, 2020
Out Of Ideas? Our Guide Makes Content Creation Easy

Content creation should be fun. It is a time to let your brand’s personality shine, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and showcase your creativity. Unfortunately, creating content isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. When you are under constant pressure to pump out high-quality content it can be easy to get burned out. Think of it this way: we all have a creativity fuel tank. When you are creating and creating and creating you are using a lot of that fuel. When the tank is empty you get subpar content and a lot of headaches. The key is to never let your tank reach empty. How do you do this? It’s a combo of self-care, inspiration, and this guide! Our guide will ensure that you never run out of ideas when it comes to content!

Create A LONG List of Potential Topics

If you are waiting to think of a topic until you sit down to create you are wasting time and energy. We suggest sitting down to generate a massive spreadsheet of topics once a month. This will increase your efficiency and productiveness. In your spreadsheet, include the potential topic and the link to where your inspiration came from.

Ask Your Audience

This one might seem obvious, but many people forget that it’s okay to (secretly) ask your audience to do some of the heavy-lifting! This can look many different ways…you can do an Instagram poll, ask followers to comment what they want to see more of, or create a survey. Asking what your consumers want to see is a great way to figure out the topics most important to them.

Check Up On Your Competitors

Your closest competitors cater to the same industry which means they serve the same audience as you. Just as you compile research on what your consumers want to see, so do your competitors. Heading to your competition’s site or social media page can give you insight on what they are talking about and what their customer-base is talking about. Odds are that there will be many parallels between your followers, meaning that what their customers value will mirror what your customers value.

Ask Google

Google is an incredibly powerful tool that we tend to forget about. There is quite literally nothing that you cannot Google. It can be very helpful to enter long-tail keywords into the search bar and let Google do the rest. The search bar will auto populate with topics that people across the world are talking about. This is a super easy way to find some inspiration for an idea that isn’t quite fully developed.

Current Events

Talk about a current event (it may or may not relate to your industry)! Thanks to social media, real time marketing is allowing brands to position themselves around important moments in history. Aligning your brand with major moments in history can draw awareness and conjure a loyal following from people who wouldn’t have otherwise supported you. It is also a great way to share your brand’s values and interact with customers on a more intimate level.

Use an Idea Generator

Nowadays there’s an app or website for EVERYTHING, so it’s not surprising that there are content creation idea generators. Try this one: . You simply type in a topic and let the algorithm do the rest! It will generate catchy titles in regard to the subject and tips on how to take your topic to the next level. It really is as easy as that!

Recycle Your Content

You work hard on your content, so it shouldn’t be put to bed as soon as it’s released. Recycling content saves time, money, and (the best part) your audience will never know. Here’s how it works: simply reword the title, switch out the image, or write about the topic from a different angle. These are three easy ways to revitalize older content.

Tease A Product Release

If you have a new product or service releasing in the near future it can be beneficial to tease your customers. This is a win – win. You have new content to put out and you are building demand for your newest release. It’s always a good thing when people are talking about your brand or products. This is known as buzz marketing and let me tell you: word about your product spreads like wildfire when you generate significant buzz.

Tell A Story

When in doubt, tell a story. We always stress the importance of humanizing your brand and being genuine with your customers. You can tell a story about how you started, your goals for the future, or a silly anecdote about your day. Building an emotional connection with your followers is a great way to secure long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships.

We hope that this guide ensures that you never run out of topics to write, post, and share about. Let us know in the comments your favorite content creation hacks. Remember to stay healthy and inspired and the rest will fall into place! As always, feel free to reach out if you need an extra boost — no shame! We get it and we’ve been there (more times than once).

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