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January 22, 2020
3 Favorite Social Media Trends Of 2020

It’s crazy to think about, but we are almost through the first month of 2020, ahh! This new year has brought new trends in just about everything: fashion, technology… oh and social media marketing. I’ve been taking in all of the new trends that are slowing making their way across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, and have put together a quick overview of the ones I’m loving.


Has anyone else noticed that people, and even brands, are being more authentic and raw in their captions or stories? It started in 2019 and I’m predicting it will continue to be a thing through 2020. Users are telling their story and actually going in depth about it. Real discussions are being had around mental health, life inspirations, mindfulness, and so much more just in the captions and comments. Going along with the authenticity trend, we are seeing less “I live the perfect life” and more of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the REAL.

Why am I loving this trend? Because up until now social media has been pretty vain and some only used it to live vicariously through others because they thought they lived the perfect life. Authenticity is starting to bring people together in a sense that now we can see that others may have the same thoughts or be going through the same things. This is where the real power of social media is revealed – when people and brands can be real and come together because of it. 


I am SO happy that we are starting to say goodbye to overly filtered and edited photos and welcoming lightly edited, or not edited at all, content. The “less editing” trend plays into both the authentic and original vibe. 

When images don’t have a million filters or adjustments, it makes the content more relatable to followers and viewers. It also comes off as being more organic and real time which makes your content less predictable and more engaging. Perfect example: you’re out and about, you snap a quick picture of your morning coffee spot, and you upload it with minor adjustments as you’re still sitting at that coffee spot. Not planned or curated + real time = organic.


Because more and more people are using their social media platforms to talk about who they are, what they offer, what they’re into, and what they dislike, followers are gaining an understanding of people’s personal brands. Essentially, users are building their personal brand right there on their Instagram or Facebook by just showing off how they live their lives and being authentic in their captions, stories, and highlights.

For instance, if you take a peak at my Instagram you’ll see I like to be outside, I enjoy exploring and traveling, I like to read, and I hold my family very close to me. My social presence is ME and you can get a pretty good idea of who I am or what I value by scrolling for two seconds. 

A select group of users, such as influencers, have been taking advantage of this social media perk for a few years, but it’s becoming more popular amongst the masses and for good reason. If you build your personal brand on social media, you’re opening yourself up for opportunities, collaborations, inspiration, growth, more friends/meaningful conversations… the list goes on.


The trends I’ve listed above all speak to being more authentic and real, which is why they’re ranked as my favorites – we could use more real and less fake/unattainable in the social media world. It’s also about time that we start taking advantage of social media and it’s brand/relationship building capabilities. If we’re going to be putting ourselves out there anyways, why not be a little strategic about it and make meaningful connections or gather inspiration for our own lives while we’re at it? 

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