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March 30, 2022
The Top Marketing Trends to Know in 2022

Marketing trends are ever-changing. Back in the day, marketing teams found success by leveraging the use of flashy, attention-grabbing tactics. PR stunts, viral tweets, and show-y campaigns were a sure-fire way to create buzz around one’s company. The marketplace is evolving though and consumers see right through performative actions. The modern consumer is looking for meaningful connections with brands. This means that marketers must find ways to connect with their customer base in real ways. The challenge, however, is that a lot of businesses find themselves simply trying to stay afloat during the pandemic, much less nurture relationships with consumers. Good news though: we compiled a list of the most efficient tactics your business can deploy to ensure that you stay “on trend.” 

Long-term influencer/brand relationships 

Influencers spend years gaining the trust of their followers. Use this to your advantage! Create the greatest ROI by choosing an influencer and sticking with them. One-off posts are becoming less and less popular. Using the same influencer over and over again demonstrates to your existing customers and the influencers fan-base (potentially new customers) that they actually use (and love) the product that they are promoting. It’s hard for customers to connect with an abstract brand image – influencers humanize the brand. 

Create experiences for consumers 

Both the e-commerce sphere and social media platforms are saturated with choices. Every single day consumers make hundreds of choices. Do they like your post? Will they click the link? Will they choose to navigate the website and follow-through with a purchase? As a marketer, every time a consumer chooses in favor of you – that is a win. Make those choices easy by making yourself and your business stand out. This means possessing an accessible website, creating interactive content, and curating positive experiences that help you stand out in the consumer’s mind.  

Don’t write off “in-person” interactions 

Online meetings are easy. We get it. Who doesn’t love waking up 10 minutes before a meeting, throwing on a nice shirt, and hunkering down with coffee, snacks, and pets just off screen? The thing is, Zoom meetings have a time and a place. Trends illustrate that many people are actually looking forward to getting back into the outdoor world. “In-person” events signify that the pandemic is behind us, a distant memory. Make sure when you have the chance to get face-time with consumers that you embody the brand’s values and stay true to your image. Nothing flashy, just real. 

Alternative targeting solutions 

Google announced an execution date for third-party cookies. This means that market researchers are going to have to get creative when attempting to target consumers and specific market segments. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the rise of people-based targeting. This advertising technique targets people and not devices. While in the long-term this will allow companies to generate more personalized marketing messages; in the short-term, businesses need to be prepared to reevaluate how they’re reaching the customer.

Build a consistent reputation 

Consistency is key when it comes to building a reputation for your brand. Before drafting any type of content it is helpful to list out “who” you want your company to be. How would you like the market to describe you? Reliable, kind, philanthropic, sustainable, intentional, quirky, edgy? Thinking of your brand like a person and crafting a detailed persona can help when it comes to making decisions about the direction of the company. What would your persona do? How would she react? Staying true to the values of this manufactured person helps build trust between the consumer and the brand. 


The digital marketing landscape is always changing but rest assured, Serene Mktg will always keep you up to date. In the meantime, there are a few trends that will never go out of style. Customers appreciate authenticity and brands that prioritize the needs of the consumer. When in doubt, focus on being intentional with how you approach and communicate to the consumers. No one can ever fault you for being too kind!


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