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September 7, 2021
Why We Use FloDesk for Email Marketing (and Why You Should Too)

When Serene Mktg first started and we were working with our very first clients, we would often choose the right platform for their email marketing based on their needs, or if they already had email marketing in place, take over the platform they were using. Fast forward to today, almost two years later (woot-woot) and we now utilize FloDesk for our clients’ email marketing along with our own. We landed on using FloDesk for several reasons and it all started with the need to streamline our processes and become experts at one platform that could serve the needs of our clients and target audience. Let’s get into it!

Disclosure: some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase we will earn a commission. Keep in mind that Serene Mktg only shares about companies that we truly believe in.


As a new digital marketing firm, keeping the cost of email marketing low, while not sacrificing any effective features, was a priority. Most email marketing platforms out there (cough, cough… Mailchimp) will charge based on how many subscribers you have. Not only that, but costs can also differ based on the features you want access to. See below for an example of this pricing structure below from Mailchimp.


Not only is this kind of plan/pricing structure difficult to explain to clients, but based on your needs, you may feel like you’re paying for things you don’t need to get access to what you do need. Make sense?

This leads us to reason #1 that we prefer FloDesk… 

It’s cost-effective and offers only one plan which includes unlimited subscribers, unlimited email sends, AND access to all features. Essentially, the cost of FloDesk remains the same no matter how many subscribers you have or how many emails you need to send. That’s what we’re talking about!

Without a discount code, a subscription to FloDesk is $38/month and based on everything the platform offers, we’d say that’s a pretty good deal. BUT with the button below you can lock in a monthly subscription for $19/month (50% off) forever – not just for one month, but yes, for forever!

Creative Freedom

Not only is Serene Mktg an agency with a knack for creativity, but most of our clients are also creatives. From Tandem Arbor, a custom furniture company, to the interior designers we work with – they all have a strong brand aesthetic and want that to come across in their email marketing. FloDesk happens to make it very easy for us to nail the look and feel our clients are looking for with their sleek, eye-catching templates and customization options. In addition, for the first time ever in email marketing history, you can use custom fonts and image collages… umm, yes please! We like our marketing on-brand.


Easy-to-Use Automations

Whether you’re using an email marketing platform for a simple monthly newsletter, to send updates on orders, etc etc, you’ll likely need to set up and use an automation. FloDesk’s version of email automations is centered around ‘Workflows’, which is an automated sequence of triggers, emails and many other actions.

The workflows feature in FloDesk couldn’t be easier to use. Setting up new workflows is a breeze and so is going back and making changes to those that have already been set up and are published. Seeing as FloDesk as a whole is so visual, it makes sense that their worflow setup follows suit with visual direction that is easy to follow and understand.

On top of the workflows being easy to create and implement, the possibilities that come along with the feature are truly endless. For example, we’ve set up and are running OVER FIFTEEN WORKFLOWS for one of our clients which include a welcome sequence, trade program outreach, trade program approval, order follow-up, and so much more!

Lock in a monthly subscription for $19/month (50% off) forever – not just for one month, but yes, for forever!

On-Brand, Seamless Sign Up Forms

Being able to customize every step in the email marketing process is beyond important, especially if you’re a business with a strong brand and aesthetic. Just as FloDesk’s templates and email builder are completely customizable, so are their sign-up/subscribe forms.

FloDesk offers forms in the form of pop-ups, inline or full page – all of which can be embedded into your website seamlessly after you’ve customized it to your liking. See below for an example of Serene Mktg’s inline form in the FloDesk builder then how it looks being embedded into our WordPress website – SEAMLESS!

Another benefit to FloDesk’s sign-up forms is that new sign-ups/subscribers automatically enter into the designed segment within FloDesk. This means everything stays within the platform – forms, workflows, audience/subscribers, everything. As we said… easy to use!

Subscriber Organization

Another feature that sold us on FloDesk is the organization of subscribers within the platform. All of your subscribers can be found within the ‘Audience’ tab and within this tab, you can also create segments to add structure to how you organize your subscribers. What’s nice about this feature is that you have free reign to organize as you see fit. For our personal email marketing, we have created segments based on how audience members have subscribed – whether they’ve subscribed via the home page or elsewhere on the website. One of our clients does it a little different though by placing subscribers into segments based on what type of customer they are – retail, trade, etc. The power is in your hands!

So… what isn’t to love?

After trying many email marketing platforms, FloDesk is by far our favorite. Hands down. It serves all of our needs, and more importantly, it serves the needs of our client absent of any unnecessary fluff or confusion. Of course, the platform could use slight improvements, but we’ll confident that those will come with time as FloDesk is still fairly new. In a world that is tech crazy, there’s something to be said about a platform that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and gets the job done.

Could your business benefit from email marketing (all businesses can), but you aren’t sure where or how to start? Are you ready to switch email marketing platforms, but would rather have someone else do it? Contact Serene Mktg and we’ll help you with all things email marketing!

Interested in giving FloDesk a try? The button below will give you 50% OFF your subscription PLUS a free 30-day trial!

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